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December 21, 2006
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MorphDock f. AveScripter 1.0.7 by spider4webdesign MorphDock f. AveScripter 1.0.7 by spider4webdesign
Hi there -

Welcome to the first dock, that supports any form & design...and also - TABS!


- Tabbed - switch between different sets of shortcuts/icons by pressing a tab
- Easiest drag'n drop setup of all docks! See preview shot for details...
- Any design - ring, linear, bended, totally chaotic - you choose!
- launch programs, folders and websites (Folders&Sites: Copy Path into 'Link' field)...
- MacOs Stack: Launch the Stand alone stack (by Matonga/ChrisSoft) or special versions of KK-Menu and Run me
- run AutoHotkey scripts WITHOUT having to install AHK/another script language (s.Details below)
- launch a desklet (not SysStats and AveScripter desklets, see 'importing/exporting' desklets)
- show/hide running desklets (needed some workaround - I thought it would be nice if you could set a desklet always on top and when you want to watch
a video or so, can hide it on a single click)

Anyway, the preview pic shows most of what you can do/can't,
there's a help file included (not very detailed so far, but that'll change).


UPDATE 23.June 2008 - MORPHDOCK V1.2
- fixed bugs (e.g. regarding drag'n drop of links)
- added single Tab support (for MacOs style sliding docks)
- added new control:'Active Tab' - for docks with one Tab only, select which one is shown
- When hovering over a tab, desklet is brought to front if set as 'normal window'

UPDATE 05.June 2007 - MORPHDOCK V1.1
- fixed some major bugs (tabs being cut off on skin change, reducing number of tabs not working, "type" saved as "import" when one needed a shortcut)
- added "update" function in the desklet's menu (if one edits the skin file/settings file manually)

UPDATE 04.March 2007
- fixed some bugs
- added show/hide feature for AveDesk desklets
- added AutoHotkey launcher
- added HotSpot feature via AutoHotkey

- Drag'n Drop setup:
I was really bored with the way other docks are set up: You can add a shortcut easily by drag'n drop, BUT:
In generally all cases, the default icons that are shown then, look really crap. This is due to the icons being supplied mostly to a size of 48*48 pixels only, while with a dock they are shown much bigger.
So with other docks you have to go through an option dialog after adding the shortcut, taking hours to finish.
MorphDock instead will recognize, if you dropped an image or a shortcut onto the dock and will then apply the right thing...
Note: there's a switch called exe/lnk in the option's dialog - it only matters if you got problems with starting links... (see board)

- Show/Hide:
Reason for this feature was a desklet that I usually have set as "always on top" on my desktop. When watching e.g. videos this was a bit of a pain however - so I wanted a kind of ON/OFF switch.
When choosing this feature as "Type" in the MorphDock options, a list of all running desklets will be made - this takes a second and the AveDesk Control Panel will pop up shortly and vanish.
Now you can choose a desklet, which will then be recognized by its label. Some desklets however don't have labels or labels that change.
For these you can use dreadnaut's GID effectlet and apply it to the desklet - it will "tag" it. This tag will be shown in the dropdown list as well. Type the name of the tag in the arguments field ("Args") and press "Enter" if you want to show/hide desklets marked with this tag.
More details about dreadnaut's GID effectlet can be found here:

- AutoHotkey:
AutoHotkey is a free, open-source utility for Windows by Chris Mallet and the (younger) brother of AutoIt:
You can use it to create simple scripts and then launch it via MorphDock - if you choose "AutoHK" as "Type" in the MorphDock options it will show a list of all scripts within the "AHK"-folder in the desklet's folder.
I added some simple scripts for e.g. showing the desktop, launching stuff etc. In the desklet's folder you can also find its GNU General Public License and its Help file.
Important: Some (One or two) security programs moan about the ahk.exe contained in the download - which is nonsense (see here:[link]),and probably due to the program being packed with UPX.
It's open source after all and anyone can check the source code... (Or check yourself with different programs: [link])

- HotSpot:
MorphDock can be brought from desktop onto top of all windows via Hotkey if you set it as "normal window" and choose a Hotkey.
I included a small AutoHotkey script that can be easily adapted in any editor that will trigger that key when your mouse cursor is in a certain area of the screen and thus do the same.
You only have to adapt the Hotkey in the AutoHotkey script (see the AutoHotkey help file for keys) and specify the screen coordinates (x,y).
You can launch this script then via MorphDock or put it into your Autostart folder (Choose always "Open With" AutoHotkey for these *.ahk - scripts). Or just download and install AutoHotkey properly if you like it...



Get AveDesk & AveScripter here:
Official forum:
MorphDock Thread:


1) Download AveDesk 1.3 here: [link]
2) Unzip/Unrar it to your programs folder (assumed) C:\programs\...\AveDesk
3) Doubleclick C:\programs\...\AveDesk\register.bat - this "installs"/registers AveDesk
4) Download latest AveScripter ('AveScripter' & 'AveScripter Update';) - [link]
5) Doubleclick the downloaded avescripter.aveinst while AveDesk is running (first AveScripter, then the AveScripter Update)
6) Download latest here
7) Rename 'MorphDock....ZIP' to 'MorphDock.aveinst' and Doubleclick while AveDesk is running... (devArt renames the file!!!)

If you want to use SysStats Docklets with AveDesk also:
- Download latest SysStats here: [link]
- Doubleclick the downloaded SysStats.aveinst while AveDesk is running

... So this is a complete instruction, all desklets/docklets available for AveDesk should function with this setup.
Some desklets/docklets don't come as *.aveinst files - in this case unzip them in the folder C:\programs\...\AveDesk\Desklets or C:\programs\...\AveDesk\Docklets (SysStats, ObjectDock docklets)

So - hope this was some help!

More desklets:
Standalone Stack:
Run me for docks:

Help on some special problems:
d3dx9_36.dll ERROR: [link]
Some Hints: [link]
Labels: [link]
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chop007 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
This is simply awesome, well done and it is so easy to use even a monkey in a giraffe costume can do it. Thank you, it looks absolutely stunning. Now that is what customization software is supposed to be, completely free and completely customizable. Thank you..
xwidgetsoft Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Very nice dock! My friend made a port for XWidget, Thanks for your great work [link] :)
adni18 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2010
Great work! :thumbsup:
guner7 Featured By Owner May 1, 2009
This is one of the best dock I am looking for. :)
I used them HERE :love:

Mr-Dummy Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2009
looks good but when i wnat to install avedesk it says ...The application couldn't be sterted, because d3dx9_36.dll couldnt find" What shall I do...isn't t for windows...please help
JeanAHough Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2011
Hi mr Dummy,

Try these steps to get d3dx9_36.dll:

This is because you are missing a file.
Step 1. You can download d3dx9_36.dll
Step 2. Paste this file into your system32 and system folder. Also put it in your syswow
Step 3. Navigate to your System32(32Bit OS) or SyWOW64(64Bit OS) Folder.
Note: The location of System32 or SyWOW64 is
C:Windows\System32 (If you are using 32Bit Windows)
C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (if you are using 64Bit Windows)
Step 4.Paste the d3dx9_36.dll into this folder.
Step 5.Run the game. It might work now.
scarler Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2009   Interface Designer
I think you need directX9...
Rakshiv-Fire-Runner Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008
This is the no. 1 BEST dock application I've found yet! Kudos yo you for putting together something so amazingly wonderful! It took a few tries to get everything installed correctly; I commend you for the amount of links you put in the description. If you didn't have that d3dx9_36.dll ERROR link there at the bottom I'd still be sitting here pulling out my hair! Once again, thank you for this wonderful application! Peace! :)
decolonize Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2008
the potential for this dock is amazing.

i have a problem...i cant use it.

only half of the dock shows up once i start running it, and if i go to options it doesnt let me complete the settings or return back to the dock.

wtf? any ideas or direction?
lam3r Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2008
hi there.
this is a really nice desklet, and i really like avedesk [which i am just now familiar with]

but it looks like with your dock, avedesk is really having a bad time, and it crashes and halts avedesk basically...
is it just me?
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